3 signs you need to update your WFH outfit


Not sure if you need to update your WFH wardrobe? Inspired by my article for Ladders, here are 3 signs it’s time to update your work from home look.

You wear the same style day after day

At the start of the pandemic last year, I shopped for cozy, cute loungewear and I haven’t stopped wearing them since. I even purchased several knit jogger sets in the same color!

work from home clothes and loungewear
zoom calls what to wear nasty gal

Pants have no zipper

If all you wear are leggings, tights, sweatpants and joggers, it’s time for a change. And what do all of those pants have in common? None have zippers. To switch things up, try wearing pants with buttons or zippers at least once a week.

pants no zipper.png

You only wear sweatshirts or sweaters

It’s cold in the northeast, but give your sweatshirts a break. Companies are more lenient with their work from home attire, but you still need to keep it professional during your Zoom calls.

sweatshirts zoom.png

Look out for our next post for tips on how to look and feel better on Zoom.


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