Sometimes you gotta pivot


tv home studio

Who would have ever thought broadcasters and lifestyle experts could work from home too? While you can get all fancy, you don’t need much to create a professional home studio. All you need is good lighting, good sound and a decent backdrop.

I have a stand that allows for alternating my backgrounds, but when you live in an apartment, having a permanent stand takes up too much room we can’t afford to lose. Sure I can mount and dismount it before every television segment, but who wants to do that? So to make things convenient, affordable, but professional, I purchased two pieces of identical wall art and made that my backdrop. It saves time and space and it was a great go-to when I needed something fast.

I’m considering wallpaper or even painting the wall behind me (see photo), but I don’t know which color. Paint is a semi-permanent commitment so that I really need to think about that.

As far as broadcasting live, my hi-res Logitech laptop camera is a game changer. I highly recommend an adjustable laptop stand.

And while you can totally do this as a one-woman-show, try to get a friend or your partner to test out your shot via Zoom. You’ll want to test everything (sounds, connection, shot, lights, etc.) before you connect with your producer.

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