Dad tips for traveling with a toddler


Mi gente There is vacationing, and then there is traveling with a toddler.

Vacation is supposed to be fun and it all starts with the planning. Staying up late on Tuesday and Wednesday nights to catch the best deal in hotel and flights. And of course the shopping, and then more shopping online. Even the drive to the airport and ordering drinks on the airplane is enjoyable.

Vacation with a toddler is different. I’m not talking hellish, but it all comes down to how well you prepared. It takes work, planning and the following two steps (along with your flight being on time.)

travel with kids

You must have a plan that is very, very flexible yet strong and detailed.

Get there early. By now you know your child, and you know that what could happen, will happen. Getting to the airport early helps you recover from the madness of trying to get a child to wait on the TSA line. You can also give your kid a tour of the entire terminal. My goal is to wear him out so he can sit through the entire flight.

Pack right. Pack Lite, and then pack some more. You will be doing all the lifting, and I’m not just talking luggage. You will need a food bag. Picky eaters or not, it’s always best to have enough grub. A small Ziplock bag with the top three snacks will go a long way.

Fill their favorite sippy cups before the trip to save you time and make your little one more comfortable.

Don’t forget to pack a toy the night before. Consider a plush toy, or one that won’t hurt a stranger if it’s thrown.

Lastly, extra clothing. Bring three outfits and get ready to take a few trips to the bathroom.

dad travel tips

All in all, it’s not a “boys trip to Vegas,” but it can be memorable.

How do you travel with your little one? Let us know!

– Originally published on in 2017

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