3 things I learned upon meeting Juan Pablo


On Tuesday, I was invited to a Q&A session with Juan Pablo Galavis from ABC’s The Bachelor.

A part of me just wanted to get a picture with him, but I also wanted to see how he was without all the cameras.

Perhaps what caught my attention was the fact that he’s the first Latino ‘bachelor.’

In a crowd of what appeared to be 100+ women, the hosts asked Juan Pablo a series of questions including some from Twitter.

Besides being absolutely gorgeous in person, here are 3 things I learned about Juan Pablo during the Q*A session:

He’s a boobs guy

When asked what’s his favorite body part on a woman, he answered by saying, “She has to have a great smile, and I also love a nice pair of — you know.”

Somewhat rude

At first I thought it was a joke, but he answered his cell phone in the middle of the Q&A. I couldn’t believe it, but a part of me wasn’t that surprised. With a smile on his face, he brought the microphone down to his crotch, covered his mouth with his hand, and spoke for about a minute.

I felt like I was in the middle of a really bad date.

He said it was his ‘manager.’ Sure, Juan Pablo. I believe you.

Sees cultural differences in women he’s dated

When asked if he would have liked ABC to cast more Latinas, Juan Pablo said, “It’s not a matter of casting Latinas; Latinas don’t sign up.”

And when it comes to dating, Juan Pablo says he’s noticed cultural differences in women he’s been involved with. He dated one American (white girl) during or before college and said it was different than dating Latinas.

“American households want their kids to move out as soon as they finish college,” says Juan Pablo. “In Venezuela, we don’t leave until we’re married.”

He even compared Venezuelan women to Puerto Rican women saying that a Puerto Rican woman he dated was super jealous while the Venezuelan was more passive and playful.

Bueno, Juan Pablo… I think you should have spoken to your media coach before making such statements in public.


-Originally published on BeChicMag.com in 2014.

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