3 ways no sleep affects your skin


We absolutely love spring! The temperature is slightly warmer but not scorching hot like the summer. And though work is good (and a blessing!), the spring also means the start of many new projects, finalizing the fiscal year at work and even planning for summer.

Trying to keep up with your responsibilities at work while balancing family time (and hopefully a social life) can get really overwhelming real fast.

So tell me. How many hours do you put into your sleep? Sure, I called it ‘beauty sleep’ in the headline, but getting rest is so much more than just trying to prevent dark circles. A good night (or day) rest can keep your mind and spirit calm through stressful times– and in case you forgot– stress causes zits!

If that doesn’t alarm you, here are three other ways lack of sleep affects you:

  • It ages your skin
  • It impairs judgement
  • Might make you put gain weight

Taking a breather can be as easy as making some alone time during your evening beauty routine as you cleanse and moisturize with Simple Skincare. I like to end my day with the Foaming Cleanser and the Replenishing Rich Moisturizer.

Psychiatrist Dr. Josie Howard, who is part of the Simple Skincare Advisory Board, gives us the following tips for maintaining calm and collective during stressful times:

1. Create a Relaxation Routine

Stress has a big impact on the health and appearance of skin. In fact, stress can show up in your skin in many ways, but primarily by making skin more sensitive and more reactive. When you’re stressed, the stress hormones in your body, like cortisol, rise. As a result, your skin’s ability to protect itself against environmental pollutants and irritants is compromised, leaving the skin more prone to breakouts, irritation, and dehydration. Determine how you best manage the inevitable stress of daily life – by listening to music, writing in a journal, practicing yoga – and prioritize incorporating relaxation into your beauty routine to combat stress and improve your skin health.

2. Say It With a Smile

Emotional stress expresses itself right in our faces, whether it’s a breakout, irritation, blushing, or even a frown. In fact, studies have shown that depressed people have increased activity of the muscles that express anger, sadness, and fear in reaction to unpleasant images (as compared to non-depressed people). When we smile, we not only look better, less tired, and more refreshed, but our brains interpret this as a signal that we really are happy and content. Moreover, others react to us in a more positive way which can create a snowball effect/cascade of positive effects. Most importantly, this small change that you can do right now may immediately improve the way you are feeling, which can lead to a more positive and less stressful day.

3. Take a Breather

Resting our bodies and our minds is crucial to regulating blood flow and circulation, both of which are essential in achieving healthy naturally looking skin. When you feel unusually anxious and stressed out, it may be a sign of exhaustion or fatigue. Find a calm and quiet space and take a few moments to “take a breather,” by meditating, napping or even just pausing from your busy day. Allowing your both your body and mind to take a break will help keep your body regulated and your skin looking beautiful.

 4. Get adequate rest

Chronic stress and fatigue reduce the skin’s ability to protect itself, causing skin to look tired and pale. Stress can result in decreased production of melanin, the component of skin that gives it that healthy flush. This in turn can leave skin looking pale and haggard. Stress can impair sleep quality leading to a cascade of hormonal consequences that result in unwanted physical results – unhealthy food choices, weight gain and puffy skin.

How do you relax during stressful times?

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