Men’s Product Review: Shea Moisture’s 4-in-1 All-Over


Guys, do you use a body wash or bar soap?

I’ve always been a bar soap guy. “Lather, rinse and repeat” is how I clean up twice a day everyday (minus the crazy nights.) My one-hour showers have now turned into a shorter routine, in between an episode of “Mickey and the Roadsters.” So I’ve looked for a way to maximize my time without compromising my cleanliness. I never cared for a body wash because they often left me feeling dry and with an overpowering musky (manly) scent.

Men at Be Chic Mag

That changed with SheaMoisture Men’s 4-in-1 All-Over Wash. The small amount of lather threw me off, but after using it a few times, I noticed the difference. It has a little bit of everything: shampoo, conditioner, wash, and moisturizer.

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