Treat your dry skin with sesame body oil


When the temperature drops, the water in your skin evaporates faster which can lead to dry skin. I sometimes get dry patches or hints of eczema when I don’t spend enough time moisturizing. For the most part it heals on its own, but I saw a dermatologist for a dry patch I had on my leg.

That’s why rich, creamy lotions are important, but so are essential oils like sesame. Sesame oil absorbs quickly into the skin without making your skin feel greasy.

Did you know that Sesame oil is good for: detoxifying the skin, repairing damaged skin cells and anti-aging?

I started using this particular body oil for the winter a couple of years ago. It’s the Neutrogena Body Oil and it contains a light sesame formula. There are several ways you can incorporate the body oil in your beauty routine.

  • As a moisturizer: Smooth your elbows, knees, and heels. Apply a small amount on damp skin after showering or bathing to seal in moisture. Let it air dry or pat gently with a towel.
  • In the shower or bath: Add it in the bath water to soften the skin as you soak.
  • Shaving: Instead of spending money on a separate shaving cream, you can use the Neutrogena Body Oil for tug-free hair removal. (One of my favorite ways to use the oil).
  • Soften cuticles: Gently massage a drop of oil around cuticles and nails to ease dryness and add a subtle sheen.

Have you guys seen this bottle at the store? Neutrogena Body Oil is actually celebrating its 50th Anniversary and it was Voted Best Beauty Body Oil by InStyle Magazine last year.

And there’s the Sheer-Oil Lotion that contains a light sesame formula. It’s lightweight and absorbs quickly. For women on-the-go,  I recommend you always keep the Neutrogena Hand Cream in your purse or at your desk for relief of dry, chapped hands. They’re available at your local drugstore.

I’ll be sharing more tips in our Facebook LIVE “Winter Skincare Series.” Watch our latest video on Or see the video on YouTube below (it’s been slightly edited).

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