We chat with Olivia Culpo about deodorant stains, beauty & eye makeup


Olivia Culpo talks to us about makeup and the new Degree Deodorant

There’s almost absolutely nothing more annoying than getting ready for a night out or rushing in the morning to discover that your black top now has a makeup or deodorant stain. Most of the time, I usually end up changing my top to something else.  But turns out, I’m not the only one thinking like this: 73% of millenials think that having a deodorant stain is a horrible first impression that makes you look underdressed and sloppy.

A few days ago we met with Degree Deodorant and Olivia Culpo at Milly Boutique for the launch of the new Degree Women’s Ultra Clear Black +White Spray. Their formula is specifically designed to protect the classic black and white pieces in our wardrobe.  We learned that 300 billion pieces of clothing are tossed due to the white and yellow marks stains left on clothing. The way their new formula works is that the particles have been changed to reflect white light, therefore not causing stains. Pretty cool, right?

Another fun fact: Olivia Culpo told us yellow stains are caused by the reaction of your deodorant and your washing detergent! Who knew?!

Check out our interview with Miss USA herself in our latest YouTube video up top.Mercedes even shows you the chic new pants she picked up at the Milly Boutique.

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