My First Russian Manicure: A Glamorous Investment – VIDEO


Russian Manicure in NYC

Intrigued by its reputation for durability and elegance, I recently treated myself to my first Russian manicure. The experience was nothing short of transformative. Though it took three hours and came with a price tag, the results were undeniably worth it. The meticulous attention to detail and precision left my nails looking flawless and feeling stronger than ever. Watch the video below. 

Not only did my manicure last nearly three months, enduring through my niece’s sweet 16 celebration, but it also accompanied me on TV segments and graced red carpets with its timeless allure. For those seeking a manicure that withstands the demands of every occasion, the Russian manicure proves itself as a glamorous investment worth every penny.


@mercedessannchez my first Russian manicure: gel extension and design. Do they all last 3 hours? #russianmanicure #russianmanicuremanhattan #gelextensions #naildesign #naildesigns #latinacontentcreator #latinabeautyinfluencer #onelprofessional #nycnailsalon #manipedi ♬ It’s A Wrap – Sped Up – Mariah Carey

russian manicure

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