What I did in the Dominican Republic this Summer


Two Weeks in the Dominican Republic

hispanic heritage month 2022While I try to vacation outside of the Caribbean when possible, visiting the Dominican Republic at least once a year is important to me. It’s a time to reconnect with our ancestry, see loved ones, eat, and disconnect (when not working).

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work from anywhere

A big advantage of working remote or even better – working from anywhere – is that you can take your work on the road. Literally. You need an international phone plan, internet access, and discipline. Of course there are some challenges, but with proper planning it’s possible. After a week with family, I organized it so that the long drive to the resort took place on a Thursday so that I could disconnect after and spend the weekend on the beach and the pool.

hispanic heritage month 2022

Sometimes you still gotta bring the laptop poolside. It’s not so bad if it’s to review a simple assignment or answer emails, but I don’t recommend working by the pool.

And here (photo below) I am at a hotel in the Santo Domingo moments before a Zoom call. Thank goodness for Teams and Zoom. Although those pings still give me some anxiety from time to time.

santo domingo hilton

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