Can I wear my hair curly to a job interview?


Preparing for an interview can be overwhelming. Not only do we have to make a great impression based on our knowledge and experience, we also have to make sure we have the right outfit – often while on a budget. Deciding on a hairstyle can also be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.

California was the first state to ban discrimination based on natural hair in the workplace, but when it comes to the job interview, many women aren’t sure if they should show up with their natural, curly hair or style it straight.

We asked Carolina Contreras, founder of Miss Rizos Salon in Santo Domingo and New York City, for her expert opinion on the matter.


Career Style Tips: Can women go to a job interview with their natural or curly hair?

CAROLINA: Absolutely. Women and girls can go to school, interviews, anywhere they want with curly hair because curly hair is professional. It’s formal. It’s beautiful. The first step is to believe it yourself so that when you enter these interviews, you’re entering with the confidence and self-acceptance that your hair is beautiful. Something technical: It’s important to keep your hair out of your face so that your eyes are making contact with the interviewer, but your hair does not define how good you’re going to be at your job. So rock your hair, and love yourself just the way that you are.

“Hair doesn’t define how good you’re going to be at your job. ”

— Carolina Contreras
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