5 “Back to School” Essentials for the Whole Family

back to school 2020.jpg

Returning to school is looking quite different this year, so we compiled a list of must-have items for the entire family.

Although you’re likely to spend less money on clothes, kids can never have enough basic T-shirts for their upcoming zoom calls. Graphic shirts with motivating messages are fun and a great way to start the day. We saw plenty of tie-dye in the summer, and it’s a trend that will continue throughout the fall.


A traditional book bag might not be necessary, but a cute mini backpack can help with organization and potential field trips.


If you choose in-person classes, don’t forget to stock up on face coverings or masks like this inspiring one from SpicyChristians.com.


Same goes for hand sanitizer! I love this one from Andyo Organics. It’s made of lavender and alcohol and prices start at $6. Both Spicy Christians and Andyo are Latina-owned businesses!


In addition to their 9-5 careers and jobs, moms and dads are becoming teacher assistants whether they like it or not. To help you make it through the day, consider getting a coffee maker or an electric tea kettle.


I wish you and your family a safe, healthy and successful school year. Let’s continue to work together with patience and love.

– Originally published on BeChicMag.com on August 24, 2020

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