What do you wear to the airport?


airport fashionAirport fashion. Do you dress up, or do you show up in pajamas?! I’m somewhere in between.

You see, I like to be comfortable when traveling, but I also won’t dare show up in straight up PJ’s to the airport. And that’s where a chunky oversized cardigan comes handy.

The one I’m wearing is from Windsor. Not only is the oversize style super cozy, it’s perfect for us who want to go braless. I paired it with a matching oversized T-shirt and slim fleece joggers from Uniqlo. Ideal for airport fashion.

This was on my way to Orlando for a family/work trip. My cousin was having a baby shower in Orlando and the following day I went to meet a client in St. Augustine. It’s great how that all worked out.

orlando fashion

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The city of St. Augustine was absolutely beautiful. However, it was quite cold and windy when I visited. I was expecting warm Florida weather similar to Orlando but it was wet weekend. At least my brows look good, right?!

blogger visits st. augustine florida

airport fashion jfk

What do you wear to the airport?

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